Sydney Ruble: A new semester means a new recruitment theme, and I could not have been more excited to incorporate my favorite TV series, Friends, into this one. We chose to promote our value of family through the Friends Theme song. “We’ll be there for you, 'cause you’re there for us too” is more than... Continue Reading →

The One Where We Meet UPMC

Ally DeVito: Today we held our first professional event of the semester!  Every recruitment week, we have an organization come in so that interested students can gain experience with one of the most integral parts of our organization: professionalism. For this semester’s recruitment event, we had representatives from UPMC come in to speak to us... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the DSP Lambda Blog!

The first ever DSP Lambda Blog.  Here you can be amused, updated and informed through pictures, event information and stories during the year from our Lambda brothers.  At this blog you will be frequently updated on news from every corner of our chapter including: Alumni Relations, Business Professional Events,  Important Notices, DSP Fun, fundraising events,... Continue Reading →

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