LEAD Conference 2022

On February 4 through 6, I had the opportunity to attend Delta Sigma Pi’s Northeastern LEAD Provincial Conference in Pittsburgh. Throughout the weekend, I learned a lot about the fraternity and myself through various breakout sessions, speakers, and regional and provincial meetings. The breakout session that stood out the most to me was Everything You Need to Know about CMP, which delved into Delta Sigma Pi’s Chapter Management Program. I learned a lot about the different tiers that chapters are designated based on their achievements, and I gathered insights about ways that we can improve our chapter’s standing.

I really enjoyed being able to make new connections with brothers in other chapters while also strengthening existing relationships with brothers in the Lambda chapter. John, Clay, and I spent lots of time together throughout the weekend, and it really helped bring us closer as brothers and friends. Our chapter has lots of events that help our fraternity feel like a family, but there’s nothing like going to Applebee’s in business professional attire on a Saturday afternoon in Mars, PA. I encourage all brothers to attend LEAD sometime in the future; it’s a great and fun way to get closer with people in the fraternity— in your own chapter and other chapters— and there is so much to learn about both Delta Sigma Pi and yourself throughout the conference.

— Alexis Hammer, Chancellor Spring 2022

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