About Us Here at Pitt


At the University of Pittsburgh, Delta Sigma Pi represents the Lambda Chapter. Lambda has become one of the most recognized chapters in the history of the Fraternity over the last several years. Since 2003, Lambda has been awarded 28 regional, 17 provincial, and 11 national awards including:-R. Nelson Mitchell National Outstanding Collegiate Chapter Award (2008-2009; 2003-2004)
-Honor Roll (2007-2008)
-Honorable Mention (2008-2009)
-Outstanding Professional Activities Award for a -Collegiate Chapter (2006-2007, 2004-2005)
-Outstanding Service Award for a Collegiate Chapter (2007-2008)
-Outstanding Scholastic Development Award for a Collegiate Chapter (2007-2008)
-Outstanding Financial Operations for a Collegiate Chapter (2003- 2004)

All of the Brothers are registered students in the College of Business Administration. Our cumulative GPA is over 3.5. Almost half of our members are double majors either within or outside of CBA.

Brothers have held internships and full-time positions with great companies including (but not limited to): Dick’s Sporting Goods, PwC, Pittsburgh Pirates, Protiviti, American Eagle, The Department of the Treasury, ESPN Radio, Urban Outfitters, United States Steel, Microsoft, KPMG, Walt Disney, Merrill Lynch, Northwestern Mutual, PNC Financial Services and UPMC.

More than one out of every three Brothers has chosen to enhance their education by studying abroad. In the past few years, Brothers have studied in Japan, China, Germany, Russia, India, England, Ireland, Argentina, Brazil, Italy, and Spain, among many other countries. Most of the brothers in our chapter are also involved in other clubs and organizations, both inside and outside of the business school.

We are proud to represent the College of Business Administration and the University of Pittsburgh as we continue to strive to be one of the top chapters in the nation.

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