The One Where We Meet UPMC

pro eventAlly DeVito:

Today we held our first professional event of the semester!  Every recruitment week, we have an organization come in so that interested students can gain experience with one of the most integral parts of our organization: professionalism.

For this semester’s recruitment event, we had representatives from UPMC come in to speak to us about the various campus programs that they offer.  Since UPMC has locations all throughout Pittsburgh, there are numerous opportunities for Pitt students to work with this organization.  Rachel, a UPMC recruiter, began the event by providing detailed information about the organization and their different campus programs.  Following Rachel, there were three current/former Pitt students who spoke about their experiences with UPMC internships, externships, and entry-level rotational programs.

The student representatives were the true highlight of this event.  Gaining insight from people who have been in the positions that we could all possibly be in was incredibly beneficial for everyone in attendance.  When considering what path to pursue, one of the most helpful things to get is advice from people who have been in the same position as you and have pursued one of your possible options; nothing can replace first-hand insight and experience.  From these speeches, we gained a better understanding of UPMC company culture, networking opportunities within the organization (such as eating lunch with the CFO), and the focus on growth and learning that an experience with UPMC is centered around.

In all, this was a great kick-off to our professional events this semester.  UPMC helped us start off with a refresher of professional advice and future opportunities which has set the precedent to what will hopefully be an amazing semester for Delta Sigma Pi!

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