Virtual DSP

Maura Bartell: This past year has been full of unforeseen challenges and has forced us to drastically change the way we live our lives.  It is very easy to focus on all of the negatives of the past year, but I wanted to highlight a few of the amazing things our chapter has accomplished in the 2020-2021 school year.

This year we…

  • Donated over 1000 masks to those who were in need of PPE
  • Initiated 35 new brothers
  • Donated over $900 to the ULPGH
  • Purchased and Consumed $715.75 worth of donuts from Krispy Kreme
  • Were able to have an in person social event at the ice rink thanks to Kevin
  • Executed two very successful recruitment processes
  • Had very efficient voting days thanks to Briana and Jimmy
  • Created mentor groups so we have even more connections within the chapter
  • Expanded our social media presence to Linkedin
  • Had 17 professional events
  • Presented for the Literacy Pittsburgh event
  • Elected 20 members to Ecomm this year who had never previously held a position
  • Connected with DSP Duquesne and WVU
  • Successfully implemented a brand-new pledge program

These are only a few examples of our achievements this year.  Considering we accomplished all of this from a virtual space is even more impressive.  Many organizations were unable to adapt to the zoom world, but our effective transition to online operations goes to show the strength of our chapter as a whole.  Moving forward, it is going to become increasingly important to stay dedicated and passionate about DSP so we can transition back to in person and return to business as usual.

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