Spring 2023 Rush

Just in the last couple weeks, Delta Sigma Pi Lambda Chapter has wrapped up its Spring 2023 Rush.

But first, let’s see how we got there!

For our first event, it was Meet the Brothers Part 1 in which our brothers and potential new members chatted and gave them a first look at what our fraternity is and what it means to be a Deltasig. With a big turnout, it was a huge success!

In our second event, our brothers and potential new members got together for a community service event in which we made cards for kids in the hospital! This was an amazing way to help the people of our community and get to know the potential new members even more!

In our third event, we brought back Meet the Brothers for Part 2! This was also a great opportunity where potential new members got to ask a lot more questions and make more meaningful connections with our brothers. Once again, the event was a huge success!

In our fourth event, Delta Sigma Pi showed our professional side of our fraternity when we hosted a professional event for brothers and potential new members. This was an amazing opportunity as a majority of our potential new members got their first look at what corporations want to see in candidates and how they look to improve even as established professionals. Thank you Enterprise!

In our last event, our brothers and potential new members met up for the last time before interviews at our Formal Open House. For the first part of the event, we heard from alumni about their experience in the fraternity and how it helped them further their careers. Brothers were also paired up with potential new members to do resume reviews to help prepare them for interviews for our fraternity and future job opportunities! Also, brothers gave potential new members a look at what an elevator pitch can look like and gave them skills to sharpen their own pitch.

After this event, potential new members went on to interview. With this, this wraps up our Spring 2023 Rush!

Thank you everyone who participated as we continue the tradition of initiating a new generation of Deltasigs!

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